In Maths, Year 2 have been learning about length. Length is how long something is, its longest dimension. 

Year 2 have:

  • made their own tape measures and rulers using informal units (hand prints and cubes)
  • measured objects using informal units (paddle pop sticks, cubes etc)
  • compared two or more objects according to their lengths
  • measured objects and lines using metre rulers and 30 cm rulers
  • found out that a metre can be a curved line
  • recorded lengths using cm and m
  • estimated lengths and then checked by measuring

Take a look at the great Year 2 mathematicians working hard in the photos below!

Click on the image below to play a game about length!

Measure It!

Year 2 have also been working towards their goal – improving recall of basic addition facts to 20 by practising:

  • doubles
  • friends of ten
  • near doubles
  • +10  facts
  • +9 facts
  • +0 facts
  • + 1 facts

How are you working towards your goal?

What did you like best while learning about length?

What do you need to remember when you are using a ruler?

Challenge: use a ruler to measure objects around the house and record their length in a comment below!

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Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is about celebration. It is a great opportunity for us to share all of the wonderful things that happen in our beautiful school. Please join us for Mass at 9 am on Tuesday morning, followed by morning tea, open classrooms and a school picnic.

The theme for Catholic School’s Week this year is ‘Inspiring Spirits and Minds’. The children have shared what they like about school, including:

  • learning to read
  • learning to be a better speller
  • making connections
  • becoming a better writer
  • learning new words
  • creating artworks
  • conducting experiments
  • solving problems
  • becoming better at counting
  • using the jump strategy
  • leaving comments on our blog

Take a look at the wonderful photos of our students below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you like best about our school? 

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Welcome to Year Two!

Miss Azzopardi, Mrs Stewart and Mrs Young are so excited to be your teachers. We hope you had a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year with your families.

Miss Azzopardi enjoyed spending Christmas with her family and relaxing at home. She also went on an amazing cruise to New Zealand where she explored the North Island and South Island with her grandparents, two sisters and a friend. One of her favourite trips was in Wellington where she saw a seal colony sun baking on the rocks. Miss Azzopardi also loved visiting a beautiful farm in Auckland and having the most delicious lunch in a very pretty garden.

img_4685 img_4578 img_4937 img_4792

Mrs Stewart was lucky to spend 11 days visiting a small part of Western Australia. Mr and Mrs Stewart flew to Perth from Sydney. After spending a few days exploring the city, they hired a car and spent the rest of their time travelling the beautiful coastline of W.A. Mrs Stewart couldn’t believe how white the sand was at each of the beaches they visited.It looked like snow!

One memorable moment of the trip was when they visited the Pinnacle Dessert. The limestone rocks protruded out of the ground and seemed to go on forever. It was so hot and dry! The other highlight, was when they visited the Perth Zoo and witnessed one of their talented elephants dancing solo! Mrs Stewart didn’t realise elephants were so flexible!

During the Christmas holidays, Mrs Young  spent a lot of time with her family.  She spent time in the city with her children and grandchildren. They had dinner together and walked through the city at night seeing all the beautiful decorations and Christmas lights. They also went to the cathedral and watched the display of the Nutcracker suite. On Christmas Eve, Mrs Young’s family has a family tradition of eating a meal together then going to Mass and opening presents after that. It is such a wonderful time. Mrs Young also went to the movies and went swimming with her grandchildren. It was a great holiday.

What did you do in the holidays?

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