Last term, Year 2 learnt about reflecting God’s goodness in the world. We can reflect God’s goodness in many ways. One way is through random acts of kindness.

We watched the video below in class and were inspired to complete a kind act ourselves.

Year 2 were Secret Kindness Ninjas! We quietly crept up to the library to hide kind notes inside books. We also cleaned classrooms for other grades and wrote kind notes to leave on teacher’s cars.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What acts of kindness did you do in the school holidays?

How are you going to be kind this term? 


About Miss Ashley Azzopardi

My name is Ashley Azzopardi and I teach a Year 2 class in Sydney, Australia.
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2 Responses to Kindness!

  1. J.V says:

    Dear Year Two

    During the school holidays I acted kindly by visiting my frail, great grandmother and keeping her company.

    Kind regards



  2. K.G says:

    Dear Year Two,
    I am answering the question how are you going to be kind this term. I am going to help others and make them show a big smile on thier face.

    Kind Reguards,


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