The Force Awakens!

This term, Year 2 have been learning about forces. A force is a push or pull on an object. A force can cause an object to get faster, slow down, remain in place, change shape or change direction.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about force and gravity.

Earlier in the term, Mr Crook visited Year Two to help us learn about the different push and pull forces that are used in different sports. Take a look at the photos below!

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What push and pull forces can you see?



About Miss Ashley Azzopardi

My name is Ashley Azzopardi and I teach a Year 2 class in Sydney, Australia.
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32 Responses to The Force Awakens!

  1. l.g says:

    Dear year 2
    For science we have been learning about force and gravity it has been fun the so we made something fun.We also had a incursion and it was the best incursion ever! The best part was when gpot to have fun with a bin but with air inside and we put inside smoke in the bin it was amazing and that wasthe end.


  2. J.A says:

    Dear Year Two,
    I liked the part when the teacher had a bin with a red cloth on top with a string. It was special because it had a hole and the bin also had air/gas inside. The teacher punched the top of the cloth then air/gas came out in a ring shape.
    Kind regards


  3. A.J says:

    Dear year two[ ;
    my favert part was when the teacher took out the bin with the gas it looked liked the mario ring


  4. J.V says:

    Dear Year Two the best thing about the incursion was playing with the magnets because I could make them move by other magnets.I learnt something called friction a thing that is bumpy has a lot of friction when something is smooth it does not have a lot of friction.

    Kind regards J.V


  5. k.g says:

    Dear Year Two,
    I am answering the question “what did you like best about the incursion?”
    Well I liked when the lady put smoke in the bin and when she hit the bin the smoke came out looking like a circle. I also liked it when she taught us the word inertia.

    kind regards,


  6. E.W says:

    Dear year two and teacherS,

    My favourite thing about the incursion is when you find out why the others birds don’t balance.


  7. G.T says:

    I liked the incursion is the lunching the rocket it was fun.
    kind regards


  8. C.L says:

    Dear Yr Two,
    My favourite part of the incursion was when the woman put smoke into the bin and put the smoke rings on us.
    I also liked the magnetic table because it was fun to see the magnets come up.
    Kind regards,


  9. E.N says:

    i liked the video about force because it gave me information about force and gravity.


  10. B.D says:

    Dear Year Two,
    I liked the video about gravity because it teaches me about force and it was a very good video.


  11. J.N says:

    Dear Year 2,

    In this subject, I learnt about gravity. Gravity is when force keeps something on the ground and it also creates the waves at the beach. If we didn’t have gravity on the earth, we would be floating in the air. My sister told me that the bigger the planet is, the stronger the gravity is.

    Kind Regards,


  12. C.B says:

    Dear Year 2,
    I have enjoyed going to our science incursion. I liked how our science teacher entertained us by buying interesting equipment for us to play with. I think most of us liked to play with this rocket thing because it looked like magic when it popped up. You have to step on the bubble connected to the rocket and the gas pushes it up. I also liked playing with the magnets. How I played with it was you have to put one magnet under the table and another magnet on the table and you drag the top magnet and you don’t have to hold it because it is magnet!
    I’m glad most people liked our incursion from the comments that I read. I hope we have another incursion soon!


  13. b.v says:

    My favourite thing about the incursion was how we made a paper helicopters


  14. k.g says:

    Dear year two
    The science was very fun eshpeliy the activity
    kind regard


  15. D.L says:

    My favourite thing from school is english because you get to do guided reading rotations.
    I wonder what your favourite thing about school is.


  16. j.g says:

    my favouirte thing about school is maths because i am the best et it whats your favouirte thing about school.


  17. T.N says:

    we are learning about force that pushes objets and we are also learning about pull that pulls objets.TN


  18. A.M says:

    dear year two my favourite thing from the science incursion was when the science teacher sat on the nail


  19. E.N says:

    Dear year two
    On Thursday it was the incursion. My favourite was the handprint because we can push our hand in. I hope we have another incursion soon. I hope you have a great.


  20. j.n says:

    Dear yeartwo force is about when you push or pull something.When something is still it stays still unless something moves it. when something is moving it stays moving unless something stops it.


  21. A.M says:

    my most favourite part was when smoke went in my face.


  22. A.M says:

    Dear year 2 my 4th favourite thing I did at the science incursion was the rocket .When I tried it went all the way up to the roof it was almost about to hit my head but it didn’t


  23. A.D says:

    Dear Yr Two,i like when we watched the video clip because it helped me learn about force and gravity.


  24. DL says:

    Dear Year Two,
    I enjoyed doing science because i loved how we learnt about friction and gravity , i found it very interesting. My favourite part of science was the parachute experiment because it was fun testing air resistance and friction.
    Kind Regards,


  25. T.N says:

    Dear Year Two,When I watched the video of force it helped me to learn gravity and force.
    Kind regards,T.N


  26. B.B says:

    Dear year two push and pull is good for leaning and push and pull are bother forces force is fun for leaning.


  27. L.G says:

    Dear year two,
    this is the best science ever it has been fun so we will do a different project and finish about force
    and I wonder what project we are doing next.

    kind regards



  28. M.C says:

    Dear Year Two,
    A push and a pull is a force that push and pulls an object. When a parachute is going down gravity is pulling it down.
    Kind Regards


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