History Presentations

Last term, Year 2 were history detectives as they learnt about life in the past. They looked carefully at old photos, read books, watched YouTube videos and interviewed a family member to learn about the past. As a result of all the great learning about the past, Year 2 came up with the following question to answer:

How might we inform our parents and grandparents about school life in the present?

To answer the question, Year 2 prepared a presentation for their parents and grandparents. Their presentations included Google Presentations, photos and even palm cards!

Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who were able to come and view the presentations. Take a look at the photos below!

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What did you like about the presentations?

What did you like best about our History unit?


About Miss Ashley Azzopardi

My name is Ashley Azzopardi and I teach a Year 2 class in Sydney, Australia.
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16 Responses to History Presentations

  1. k.g says:

    Dear Year Two,

    I am answering the question what did you like about the presentations?
    Well I liked when my nanna came and listened to me and my group. What a shame my mum could not come.

    kind regards,


  2. E.G says:

    Dear Year Two,
    I liked the History Presentations because my group and l had fun speaking to other parents and we all worked really hard.I also liked it because we all took turns and we all used a loud voice.
    Another thing liked about it is that we had some comments.

    Kind regards


    • k.g says:

      Dear E.G
      I heard that you enjoyed it because you and your group had fun speaking to other parents.
      I had a lot of fun to.

      kind regards


  3. T.W says:

    Well done all year 2 students for a fantastic presentation.
    I had a lot of fun reading the palm cards.


  4. J.V says:

    The best thing about the presentations was having my mum and sister present. My mum got to see what I’ve been learning and I got to share my presentation with her. The thing I like best about our history unit was learning about school life in the past.

    Kind Regards



  5. S.T says:

    Dear Year two
    I liked the history presentation because learning about history is amazing like you get to learn about things in the past and learn our knowlege on our differences between the past and future,it’s like a life cycle going around and around,restarting new life.That’s why I like history.
    kind regards


  6. luca.g says:

    The history presentations where good i had fun and my mum and dad came and that is the best history project ever

    kind regards


  7. DL says:

    Dear Year two,
    i like the History presentation because every one did a good job explaining to the parents what we do at school.
    Regards DL


  8. M.C says:

    Dear Year Two,
    History was great i liked it, it was ausem.


  9. G.M says:

    Dear Year Two,
    Force is a push and a pull on an object.It can make an a object go faster, slow down.


  10. J.A says:

    Dear Year Two,
    i liked the history presentations because you were not on your own.

    kind regards



  11. a.y says:

    what i liked about the presentaishons was we got the aqument out and one person reads from the coumpte and one person reades from the parm cards what a shame my mum couldent come i also liked shareing the prentaishons with my group


  12. C.B says:

    Dear Year 2,
    I like learning about history because there are so many amazing things I don’t know!
    I really enjoyed writing our history presentation with my friends. We came with so many great ideas
    and we wrote down all of them! When we had to present, I got to read and I used a big loud voice so everyone could hear me. I also enjoyed setting up the classroom by getting chairs ready, organize the equipment and move some tables. When we finished it didn’t look like a classroom anymore, it looked like a studio! In the end when we had all packed it up, it looked like a classroom again. I had lots of fun doing that with my group.
    The one thing I want to tell you is that I had a lot of fun doing everything in history. Even when we had to spend most of our time with presentations, I still enjoyed history. Now in class we don’t really do tat much history but we do learn science! I find those two subjects very fascinating!


  13. T.W says:

    dear everyone

    i think me and group did great and I hope you had fun


  14. E.G says:

    Dear Year Two,
    what I liked about our history presentations was that my group and I worked so hard to get ready and to finish what we needed to do.
    When parents started to arrived we felt so shy and scared,but when our first parent came I told them to settle down,A LOT, because the we’re freaking out and by the way I was the only one that was not freaking out at all.

    Kind regards,


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