The Swimming Program!

Year 2 enjoyed the swimming program and learnt lots of new skills. Being able to swim is very important and it is an essential life skill.

5 benefits of learning how to swim:

  • keeps you safe in the water
  • it improves fitness
  • increases confidence 
  • it’s fun
  • its a life long skill

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What did you like best about swimming lessons?

What swimming skills are you really good at? What do you need to get better at?


About Miss Ashley Azzopardi

My name is Ashley Azzopardi and I teach a Year 2 class in Sydney, Australia.
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17 Responses to The Swimming Program!

  1. T.W says:

    The best part of the swimming lessons that I enjoyed was the swimming race with the green team.


  2. J.A says:

    I liked swimming because you go up levels


  3. k.g says:

    Dear Year Two,
    I was in the orange group in swimming lessons. I am answering the question what did you like best about swimming lessons. Well I liked doing dolphin kicks and breath stroke because I had a lot of fun doing it and I also seemed to enjoy it a lot. I had a wonderful time at swimming lessons.

    Kind Regards K.G


  4. I.E says:

    Dear year two,
    what I’m good at is backstroke.What l’m not good at is breaststroke but the most important thing is to have fun.
    Kind regards I.E


  5. M.J says:

    i liked the show beta then the book because the show was funny,
    I liked the part when athol egg head joined in for art class and said more pink on the cheeks.
    i would change the part when ethole gave the gift to harriet and harriet should have given a gift to him.
    kind regards mj


  6. J.N says:

    J.N say:
    Dear year two , I the best thing I like is the backstroke because you don’t have to put your googles on and I need to get better at the freestyle . My favourite was the backstroke .


  7. A.K says:

    Dear Year Two,

    I liked swimming because you have colous for the caps and you have levels.

    kind regards


  8. J.V says:

    The best thing about swimming lessons was practicing my floating skills. I am really good at holding my breathe and diving under the water. I need to improve on my swimming skills.

    Kind Regards


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  9. C.B says:

    Dear Year 2,
    I have been enjoying swimming lessons because you learn how to survive in water. I was in the green group this year. At least I moved up ONE level. My favourite stroke is backstroke because you get to lie down and it is very comftible in the water. I also like torpedo because I like the feel when you glide through the water. At the end of the class we did a torpedo race and I once came first!
    I have really liked swimming lessons because they teach me new skills to swim faster. I hope we have more swimming programs this year!


  10. t.w says:

    dear year two

    the best thing about swimming lessons is that we got to have 1 turn each witch is fair thats the best thing about swimming lessons.


  11. M.C says:

    Dear Year Two,
    It was ausem we all had a turn i could stand up in the pool.
    kind regards


  12. E.M says:

    dear year two

    the best thing about swimming is that it was relly fun and we got to tack 1 turns that is feir
    i love swimming


  13. DL says:

    Dear Year Two ,
    Swimming was fantastic because i learnt how to do backstroke , torpedo , freestyle and breaststroke .


  14. J.B says:

    Dear YearTwo,

    I like swimming because it’s fun and it helps your fitness go up alot.I like swimming do you like swimming to?


  15. J.b says:

    Dear YearTwo,

    Iike swimming lessons because you do: backstroke, dolphin, frestyle and more!!!!!

    What was your favourite part about swimming.


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