In Maths, Year 2 have been learning about length. Length is how long something is, its longest dimension. 

Year 2 have:

  • made their own tape measures and rulers using informal units (hand prints and cubes)
  • measured objects using informal units (paddle pop sticks, cubes etc)
  • compared two or more objects according to their lengths
  • measured objects and lines using metre rulers and 30 cm rulers
  • found out that a metre can be a curved line
  • recorded lengths using cm and m
  • estimated lengths and then checked by measuring

Take a look at the great Year 2 mathematicians working hard in the photos below!

Click on the image below to play a game about length!

Measure It!

Year 2 have also been working towards their goal – improving recall of basic addition facts to 20 by practising:

  • doubles
  • friends of ten
  • near doubles
  • +10  facts
  • +9 facts
  • +0 facts
  • + 1 facts

How are you working towards your goal?

What did you like best while learning about length?

What do you need to remember when you are using a ruler?

Challenge: use a ruler to measure objects around the house and record their length in a comment below!


About Miss Ashley Azzopardi

My name is Ashley Azzopardi and I teach a Year 2 class in Sydney, Australia.
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13 Responses to Maths!

  1. K.G says:

    Dear Year Two,

    I chose to measure things around the house. This is what I measured:
    -Mum and Dads laptop-32cm
    -homework folder-36cm
    -mouse for the laptop-10c
    -band-aid box-9cm
    What would you like to measure?

    Kind regards,


  2. J.G says:

    Dear year 2
    You always need to start at zero.
    kind regards


  3. J.V says:

    Dear Year 2

    Learning about length was a lot of fun. I learnt that by measuring the longest dimension of an object, I can work out its length. But my favorite activity was using the one metre
    ruler to measure things around the school.

    Kind Regards



  4. J.V says:

    Dear Year 2

    Learning to use a ruler was tricky at the beginning but once you got the hang of it, it was easy.
    I learnt that you have to start measuring at the zero. If the ruler is not long enough you need to mark where the ruler ends with your finger and continue measuring from there.

    Kind Regards



  5. D.L says:

    dear year two The best thing i like about math is the jump strategy because it is fun jumping by 10s and counting forward and backward


  6. J.V says:

    Dear Year 2

    Today I spent the afternoon measuring things around my house using a ruler.
    The microwave was 54 cm long and 32 cm wide, my homework book was 30 cm long and 20 cm wide and my Ipad was 21 cm long and 16 cm wide.It was very interesting to discover the measurements of all these objects.

    Kind Regards



  7. E.N says:

    Dear year 2,
    we have been learning about length.In maths I am trying to pay more attention to my work.
    i liked making the measuring tapes.when using a ruler you need to make sure you keep the ruler straight.


  8. t.w says:

    dear year two

    the best thing about school is meditation because we think about our breathing.


  9. E.G says:

    Dear Year Two,
    The thing I like about maths is problem solving because the problems are fun and also a little bit hard.The other thing that I like about maths is that the activities are fun for leanrning.I also like maths because when we test our partner with our maths goal its fun to do it.
    Kind regards


  10. M.C says:

    Dear Year Two,
    Maths is easy I like maths.
    kind regards


  11. M.C says:

    Dear Year Two,
    I liked it. It was so fun when we played the games in a circle.
    kind regards


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