Last term, Year 2 learnt about reflecting God’s goodness in the world. We can reflect God’s goodness in many ways. One way is through random acts of kindness.

We watched the video below in class and were inspired to complete a kind act ourselves.

Year 2 were Secret Kindness Ninjas! We quietly crept up to the library to hide kind notes inside books. We also cleaned classrooms for other grades and wrote kind notes to leave on teacher’s cars.

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What acts of kindness did you do in the school holidays?

How are you going to be kind this term? 

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The St Felix Art Show!

At the end of last term, St Felix held a fantastic art show! Each student created a beautiful piece of art that was displayed in the hall. Each class also created a class artwork which families could buy.

Every student at St Felix was an artist and the artworks looked spectacular when they were displayed on the walls. Everyone should be very proud of themselves.

Take a look at the photos below.

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 What did you like about the art show?

What did your artwork look like? 

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Library Visit

This year, the book week theme was ‘Escape to Everywhere’. Books are amazing for many reasons, however, one reason that they are especially amazing is that great books can make you forget about the real world and make you fall into the story you are reading.

Year 2 visited Bankstown Library a few weeks ago. The librarians read a few books and acted out ‘Chips’. Year 2 also entered a guessing competition, answered questions and read books. Everyone had a lovely time.

Take a look at the photos below.

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Thank you to our special parent helpers who came with Year 2 to the library!

What do you like about reading?

Do you have a favourite book?

Do you go to Bankstown Library?


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This term, Year 2 will be developing their confidence with telling the time. Year 2 learn to tell the time using o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.

Practise telling the time using the links below.

Which game did you like the best and why?

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Sports Carnival

The St Felix Sports Carnival was held at the end of Term 2. It was a fantastic day filled with lots of fun! Year 2 participated in the following activities:
  • potato sack race
  • novelty race
  • hurdles
  • long jump
  • shot put
  • discus
Everyone also cheered on their teams during the races and yelled out their cheers with their loudest voices! Take a look at the great athletes in Year 2 below!

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What was your favourite part of the day and why? 
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Science – Term 2

Wow! Year 2 were very busy scientists in Term 2! Take a look at some of our favourite Science lessons in Term 2.

Science Incursion 

We were very lucky to enjoy a fantastic incursion from two Scientists last term. Year 2 learnt many interesting things about forces including:

  • a new word:  ‘inertia’. Inertia means an object will stay still unless something moves it and an object will keep moving unless something stops it.
  • if a silk table cloth has a bottle on it and you pull down really quickly, the bottle will not fall because there is very little friction
  • forces can make objects move e.g. blowing (pushing) on a pin wheel
  • if you sit on a bed of nails, it will not hurt because the force is spread out across all of the nails – however if you sat on a single nail, it would hurt a lot because only one nail is supporting all of your weight
  • if you spin a wheel by pushing it to the left and put it on the floor, it will roll forward to the right
  • if you insert smoke into a bin, when you hit it out of the circular hole, the smoke will come out as a ring

Take a look at the photos and videos below!

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Friction is caused when two surfaces rub together. Friction is a force that works against objects to slow them down. Friction can be helpful or unhelpful. Click here to play a game to learn about friction.

Year 2 conducted an experiment to find out which surface had the least amount of friction. The surfaces that were tested included the wooden floor in the hall, the carpet in the classrooms and the fake grass on the infant’s playground.  Take a look at the hard workers below!

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Year 2 also made parachutes in order to find out if a larger parachute or a smaller parachute would fall to the ground more slowly. Take a look at the video below!

Science at LaSalle

At the end of Term 2, Year 2 were so lucky to work with magnets in the Science labs at LaSalle with Mr Crook! Year 2 learnt about magnets and how they pull some objects towards them. Year 2 also felt the invisible push force when the two poles (north and south ends of the magnets) pushed away from each other.

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What do you know now that you didn’t know at the beginning of Term 2?

What did you like best about Science in Term 2?

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The Force Awakens!

This term, Year 2 have been learning about forces. A force is a push or pull on an object. A force can cause an object to get faster, slow down, remain in place, change shape or change direction.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about force and gravity.

Earlier in the term, Mr Crook visited Year Two to help us learn about the different push and pull forces that are used in different sports. Take a look at the photos below!

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What push and pull forces can you see?


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